Another introduction, written a few years later:

What is metaclowning?

To be a metaclown is to care for the space between universes (yours and mine), by clowning the connection between them.

Metaclowning is one branch of "stealth clowning" (clowning without looking like you're clowning).

Metaclowning is homework for clowns.

You are probably a metaclown when you least expect it.

Some assignments for metaclowns

Look around. Decide "what's happening" and "how what's happening is happening." Change one until the other one changes.

Take one silly thing seriously, while taking one serious thing with silliness.

Make a 'sideways rule' for yourself which forces you to break an existing rule/convention/law of nature.

Treat one of your false statements as if it is already true. Invite others into this temporary alternate reality.

You are a tourist, visiting from (the society you desire): "Where I come from...(insert false statement here)"

Identify the social institutions that cause suffering. Find what they are allergic to, and make them sneeze.

Use an object in your environment in a way that makes it (temporarily) impossible for someone to use it in the usual way. Can you convince everyone that the blue tiles are the ocean?

Without speaking, raise a question. Leave it lingering there after you leave.

When you like someone's game and want to join in, choose between taking on:
(a) a symmetrical relationship (doing the same thing; can lead to the "flocking effect")
(b) a complementary relationship (doing a different part of the same thing)

The art of creative misunderstanding: "That's not what I said, but that's a great idea..."

The Wis-dumb of the Metaclowns.

Metaclowns are characterized by ideological agility.

Metaclowns operate in meta-reality, a dynamic between multiple realities, i.e. the multiverse as as-much-as-such.

They have a mature (living/bleeding-edge, in fact) paradigm for dealing with and between paradigms.

They unearth unearthly assumptions and contradictions within single systems: the humans they meet; bastions of status-quo culture...

Metaclowns have an agenda, and some things that come close to it are:

- applied cybernetics
- participation
- cooperation
- liberation
- adding alternatives that add alternatives
- wield the leverage point of adding a missing idea
- (objectivity) and a relativism which cares for (not dismisses) each I's subjectivity

can activate certain ways of looking (at) situations, as if donning a pair of goggles:
- form/content
- negative/constraint
- design, desire, preference, standards, critique
- addition/substitution
- left/right/wrong/learning
- power, energy

A metaclown has meta-intentions and meta-desires. What you see a metaclown doing is never as simple as it seems.

A metaclown pitches graceful alternatives (nay, antidotes) to competition and dichotomizing, when those things affect "serious" matters.

A metaclown can also diffuse various strains of whining, playing victim to realities, causality addiction, overgeneralizing, boredom...

When a metaclown disagrees, e does so with lightning precision.

A metaclown wields formulations and aphorisms -- nuggets of language, tucked away -- as a magician wields spells and tricks.

A metaclown is an example of a lannguage paramedic and of a craftsperson in time.