Partese - It is the language of parties and trips, of parts and wholes.How?
Think about parties, how, every party has at least the opportunity for heralding the new. Yes, events and ceremonies and receptions and all those other things. Yes, that every party has a mouth open for the new. And the party will digest and unclothe and deflower whatever new attempts heralding. He could go on from here, analyzing dynamics of parties and synthesizing a framework to use beyond parties themselves. He probably will.
Think now about the trip.
I would need an udderbot to illustrate what Partese attempts to bring to illuminate the ubiquitous part/whole dialectic. Or perhaps not.
How do I speak Partese?Make exactly one intentional, but wanted, mistake in your spoke. Then, humbly yet protectively of what got made, step out of the way.
Try using these Partese words:Peetern. Pee-tern. Pee tern.

Neme. Moda.

How to Edit Partese

Partese - not poetrese. If it tastes like poetry, previse.
Don't remove poems, only de-escalate their poetry. (see Time is for suckers)For example, "Don't de-poemificate, unly "ownnnnn"-poemificate." is now.
How do you know it's Partese? If it makes one intentional mismake, it is a piece, a part of Partese.Yes, you are the one determining how big the 'it' is that makes (or overmakes or undermakes) misses.No, Partese has no intent of its own. But it does make...mopportunity.
Do you like Partese?You have to like the feeling of incorrection, to like Partese.Likelily.By feeling of incorrection I meang the feeling you get when you see something wrong, not the urge to reach for your red pen and correct it but only to acknowledge the wrong and track it, remember it as part of what you read.(More feelings)You do not have to like Partese, but as with any Vulnerable Project, a few enemies could take the whole thing down easily. Rhizome, meet Rhizowe.
Lief the differences alone.Leaf the differences but freely change the meanings between them.Can you do it? Then you are a Cybernetic Knight as if.

[[The first number in Partese is 3/2]].

It is a language which attempts to encapsulate dynamics by speaking of them as types of (gravitational) spirals.
It belies by way of grammatically precise mismakes. Each mismake is a choice to take. Narrative does not plumb along as it usually does
This wiki, spiral-enc, is the first the Partese dictionary.
The goal is to have
If you are sure a sentence is in Partese, put it in Italics.
If you are not sure,