Definition of the word dippie, dippies, TheDippieRevolution

Dippie > DIP switch, coined in SDaS Gesundheit 2014

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Humans who fit into society by choosing to trivialize some part of themself.

Self-less, loving-kind humans who sublimate (their utopian desires for society at large) into (personal lifestyle and performance choices).

See also patchist.

List of dippies (add your own name and chosen trivialization here or ask someone to add it for you)

Patch Adams MD, celebrity / loud ass clown
Susan Parenti, rabblerouser / accompanist
Jacob Anthony Barton, amateuroso
Metta Xanthony, "social" "worker"
Phyra Faq, service animal / museum exhibit
Beda Mulzer "Bedamat", social transposer
Kelly Fink, liaison to Cheesepouchyin tribe
Rebecca Wolf, resident orangutan-human

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